Pregnancy calendar – week 26


I had my glucose checked this week, and I’m happy to report that 1) it worked, and 2) it wasn’t as horrible as last time. Don’t quote me on this, but I think it might have something to do with the fact that I ate breakfast before I drank the sugary brew or the sugar-crusted booze. I know! Where do I come up with these unfamiliar hypotheses?

The last time I came on an empty stomach. I thought this would be the best and easiest way to make sure I didn’t accidentally leave a space and put jelly on the toast or start taking the spoonfuls straight from the sugar bowl (there will be no sugar – either refined or from fruit – before the test). I had my glucose drink in less than a minute and experienced the smartest time this side of college, with a choppy dash of sugar and then instant splitting on my doctor’s couch. They woke me up for a blood test and sent me on my way to work, where I struggled to stay awake and alert before I finally succumbed to a terrible migraine and went home.

This time I ate a piece of toast with a little butter. The drink (reminds me of that orange drink that McDonald’s used in my elementary school days and such) made me very tired and sluggish, but it wasn’t nearly as much as a dramatic meltdown. And no headache. So…if you don’t have a glucose screen yet, consider eating some delicious foods before you go. Good God. It’s a wonder that I don’t just come out of the cold from the power of my brilliance.

Traveling while pregnant
Speaking of fainting, I spoke to my doctor about traveling at this point in my pregnancy. This was also very cool, because I had already booked non-refundable airline tickets from DC to California. He gave me a thumbs up, saying he is generally comfortable with pregnant women taking long flights up to about 34 weeks (although most airlines will allow you to travel up to 36 weeks domestic and 35 weeks international). If you have complications (problems with the placenta, for example, or are at risk of preterm labor), your doctor may give you an early travel appointment—air or otherwise. Other than that, you’ll likely hear the same game you’ve heard:

Stay hydrated. duh. However, it’s easy to fail and forget until it’s too late, especially with the 3 fluid ounce rules for air travel. Having had two unopened water bottles confiscated from me on my last flight, I arrived at the airport empty-handed, assuming I’d be able to store them once I went through security and near my gate. Surprise! Things didn’t go as planned, and by the time the plane was taking off, I was silly thirsty and experiencing Braxton Hicks cramps. fails.
do not miss. As if the long lines at security checkpoints don’t really suck enough, they put you at an increased risk of fainting. Sit on your bag, if you can, and don’t be afraid to announce out loud that you need help if you start to faint. Fainting during pregnancy is really common and will not harm your , but obviously a big fall or a hard blow to your head is something you should try to avoid. I also got this wrong, I almost fainted from the party in the sitting room only. My doctor would seriously give me an F in travel, if he read my blogs.
TOULA, EVERYTHING. It’s easy to eat like crap when you travel. Junk food, candy bars, sugary breakfast pastries and all the soft drinks and coffee your system can handle. The problem is that you’re asking your body for a lot of things here – anxiety, early morning flights, heavy luggage, walking, standing up, creating a precious human life – so try to choose the healthiest options possible, or pack your snacks. Avoid excess sugar and sodium in particular, and try to pack plenty of and nutrients from the real stuff instead.
promenade. Well, standing in one place for too long is bad, as well as sitting in one place for too long. I know I know. Go ahead and bite your pillow because all you have to do is remember it. If you’re traveling by plane, try to get an aisle seat (you can also get an aisle seat (also that should hold all the pee you’ll do as a result of staying well hydrated) and walk the aisles at least once every hour. Don’t cross your legs while sitting. Once you reach your destination, try to spend as much time as possible with your feet elevated to prevent swelling.

(I had a middle seat on the way to California, but was so grateful to be on the plane at all that I didn’t object, but instead stared at my bed-mate with Eyes of Intensity, looking for any sign she was awake, then Hop over her anytime I saw her eyelids open. On the way back, I had a WINDOW seat, the worst idea ever, because my stomach and I simply didn’t fit while trying to climb A couple of old grandmothers were watching a horrible show involving chicken guts on the entertainment systems On the plane. Fortunately, a flight attendant found me a seat in the aisle at the back of the plane where I was free to get up to pee to my little heart’s content.)


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